How sales funnel works

Sometimes, it just happens that you do everything right from improving product quality to new marketing strategies but still, things don’t work out the way you want them to. Despite of all your efforts, people don’t buy your products.

You start looking for the broken pieces that are making the customers go away but you don’t find any and then you ask “What is the matter really?” If you’re one of those people who are worried that you might have done something seriously wrong that is affecting your sales then don’t be afraid.

You’ve done everything you can but there’s one missing piece that can complete this puzzle. And that is making a conversion funnel. For those who don’t know what a conversion funnel is, it’s a sophisticated plan of generating leads and then leading people into buying your product.

Some of you also might be thinking “No thanks! We know what a sales funnel is but it just doesn’t work people are not clicking and hence nothing works out”. Well, how about you stick with us for next couple of minutes and we’ll show you how to make a sales funnel that actually works.

Today we’ll be talking about the 5 important steps that lead to a successful conversion funnel.


The very first step in developing any sales funnel is attracting maximum audience. Now, there are several ways to do that. For starters, you can make awesome content on Instagram that your audience likes and hence you get a large following. Let’s give you some tips for how to create amazing content on Instagram

  • Post more stories
  • Instagram’s whole foundation is based on the ability of telling a whole story in just one picture. To make the Instagram’s algorithm work for you, you need to come up with innovative ideas of making better posts for stories. Use catchy captions and bright color schemes which make a user stop scrolling and look at what you to show.
  • Optimize Hashtags
  • Most people on Instagram don’t even know how to use hashtags and what a good hashtags can do for them. You can consider Hashtags as small captions which represent a specific trend, a movement or any other social issue. Hashtags are generally created by major social media influencers and by using them you can take advantage of the rolling mass behind that Hashtags.
  • Post more videos
  • It’s a naked truth that users like to see videos more than they like to read the information off of a post. That’s why it’s very important that you post creative and attention grabbing videos with good voice over and editing. Videos are not only a better way to get Instagram algorithm’s attention but it’s also the most efficient way to convey your message to the audience.
  • Post at right time
  • Most people are still not aware of posting content on the right time. Choosing the best time to post your content is very vital in determining how much attention your story will get. You need to research carefully about what are the timings in which the audience you are targeting is most active. This timing varies for different age groups and hence brands need to be careful about scheduling their posts accordingly.

Send them to low ticket offer

Always show them what they would like to see to improve the numbers that you would like to see! It’s a simple rule that governs the law of conversion.

If you’re selling products that are of very high quality and are a bit pricey than other products in the market then you should definitely try this technique. You just have to show them the product that is actually in their range.

Now, what happens is that the consumer starts thinking that since all of your other products are pretty pricey because of the high quality, the price of this product is quite affordable compared to your other products. Their fingers will automatically move towards add to cart button but here’s the real game.

Before they reach to the cart page, pitch in some of your fabulous products with appealing images and designs. Now, the customer will think “since I’m already here, why not buy this one too?”. And that’s how you score!

Have backend high ticket offers

Just like the method described above, this method is quite similar to that. In the above method, we attract the customer to visit by showing them relatively cheap products and then we pitch them expensive products.

This technique is 90% similar to the technique we just talked about. What we do is that all the traffic coming in to our website lands at the home page mostly. If they see all the expensive products at the top they might leave after a while without placing an order.

In order to avoid that, we show the comparatively less expensive products on top and show the expensive products in a whole other category.

Turn your followers into fans

This art is highly important when it comes to making a loyal customer base. You need to make your buyer fall in love with the brand so that they not only visit again but also recommend your brand to other people as well.

Here are some tips that can help you out in turning your followers into fans.

  • Judge by relationship, not impressions
  • What do you do if an emotional client comes on your post or your article and comments something totally inappropriate? There are two options here. Either you can lose your mind; give that user a piece of your mind and then block them from further commenting. OR, you can choose to stay calm and ask why they have developed that negative opinion about your brand.
  • Speak the language of your audience
  • Yes! This exactly means what you’re thinking right now but it has another meaning as well. Let’s discuss the obvious meaning first. Let’s say that you launch your marketing campaign in USA but most of your audience is from China town which prefers Chinese. What will you do then? It’s important to always care about all types of audience when planning a campaign.
  • Provide value if you want attention
  • You will get nothing except negative customer reviews and bad image in market if your brand doesn’t deliver value. Delivering value is the single most important thing that your camping depends on. It’s a wild goose chase to launch campaigns for a brand that doesn’t care about its customers and doesn’t deliver value. You’ll just be wasting your content and creative ideas on coming up with ideas for such a brand.

Round them up into the funnel by using content

“Content is the king” is a famous saying in marketing world. If you want to attract more people and get more attention, you need to come up with creative and better content every time. Only then you will be able to attract more people into your sales funnel.

We described above too, how you can make great content for Instagram page but here are some extra tips for you.

  • Write compelling captions

Captions are also an important part or as most people say “the most vital” part of a story. If your story has a short and catchy title then it’s destined to get more attention because that’s what people dig. There are brands with think tanks which are dedicated to coming up with catchy and easy to remember captions and catch phrases.

  • Build relationships

There’s no brand or company which has survived in the market without building relationships. With the content you post and videos you make, you need to create a bond between the brand and the user. This relationship that is formed between brand and user turns into brand loyalty and even brand bias in some cases.

  • Increase engagement

Keeping loyal customers engaged with the brand is also one of the most important key factors in improving brand awareness. Making posts and posting videos is one thing but to keep the customers engaged takes some extra effort. You can do that by replying to customer comments on your stories and by answering the questions they have in mind regarding your brand.






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