How to Update WordPress?

WordPress Update is good news for most of us, because as and when the software upgrade or update it makes our system defensive against hackers, as well as also provides us with a wide range of new features and benefits at the same moment.

However, for most of us, WordPress upgrade or update is also a problem. Usually when WordPress updates most of the plugins in our system stop working as they fail to comply with the latest upgrade in the system. Today we will talk in detail about the WordPress update, discuss the issues arises due to it as well as also discuss in detail related to managing such updates.

WordPress Update or Upgrade is very crucial as it secures our website over the Internet. However, there is also a drawback. As and when you update WordPress, you also have to update themes and plugins. The major update of the WordPress release things whereas the minor update upgrade things.

How to By-Pass Updating Complexities?

The Minor update related to WordPress will not affect your site, rather it will secure your site. However, major updates may affect your site. As and when the major update occurs on the site, in a short period of time plugins also update and updating the plugins at the same time the WordPress overlooks update will cause no issue related to your site.

Hosting Compatability

Also before updating WordPress, make sure that you have all the login credentials of your site. In this regard, before you log in you could be verified and ask for a security question over call or SMS. In case of any difficulty, you can also chat with your hosting provider and can ask for help.

Using Cheap Hosting will encounter many problems for you. Like if you are using the cheap hosting and update WordPress you will at once encounter the 500 Internal Server Error. In case of any error, there is no need to worry. It is just a message that space is insufficient and you have to buy more memory. Support Chat will result in the resolution of such problems.

Theme Compatability

Theme Compatability causes the white screen of death after you have activated a new theme. To solve such an issue login into the WordPress Theme Screen and just activate the default WordPress Theme. If you are unable to access the WordPress Admin Dashboard, access your website through FTP and navigate to WP-Content/Themes/Folder. Rename the folder for the active theme. It will deactivate the theme.

In most cases, WordPress also fails to update automatically, in this regard you have to update WordPress manually. Also updating the theme most of the time cause a lot of issues. In this regard, a child theme can help you a lot. Create the child theme of your parent theme in order to protect modifications so that it can be safely updated.

Therefore, as and when you update the theme make sure it is the child theme. If you add custom code directly to your website updating the theme will overwrite the changes and your website will revert to the standard theme appearance. You will overwrite the files and lose any modifications made to functions.php and style.css file. In this case, updating will lose all the modifications.

The best way to protect such issues is to create a child theme. A Child Theme inherits the functionality of another theme called Parent Theme. A child theme contains funtions.php and style.css file. Your web developer will add any modified files to the Child Theme Folder.

Before updating the website does not modify the theme directly. Move modifications to the child theme before updating. Also, create a backup of your site before updating so that you can restore your site if something goes wrong upon modification.






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