Problems Arise Due to Improper Software Documentation

Problems Relating to Documentation in the Sofware Industry

Improper Documentation is the major dilemma of the Software Industry. First, the cost of producing documentation encompasses the cost of the software. Secondly, it is considered in the software industry that the one who has written the software also has to produce documentation.

It is the need of the hour to clear the fact, that the one who has write software cannot produce documentation. The person who has written software cannot produce documentation in any way. The Software Developer is the junior rank, while the one who has to write documentation is on the Senior Rank and document and capture the software by keeping his/her experience in view.

How To Document Software?

Software Documentation is an overview of the entire software development as well as the future prospects of the software. It includes Software Development Lifecycle, business overview of the software as well as the software maintenance and its life, Therefore must have to include a wide variety of team members while documenting the software, but in the software industry, it is the culture that the one who has produced software also has to document the software.

 It is the Additional Pressure on the person that he has to write code as well as also has to produce documentation of it. There is a dedicated staff for the software documentation and experienced professionals are present in the market which are dedicated only to the documentation. An average salary of 103,000$ is passed to the person documenting the software and write documentation of the software, thereafter the team craft the software as depicted in the software documentation.

How to meet Client Requirements?

Secondly, if the client provides the documentation it is sometimes too hard to meet the requirements of the documentation. Some of the things are missing in the documentation if an un-experienced person has documented the software.

Average Efficiency as Written in Software Documentation

It is most of the time seen the fact that the software or product is not made in a way as depicted in the documentation. The average rate of deflection in the software industry is 23% and most of the software industries, are on average 75% in showing their efficiency and fulfilling the requirements of the clients as documented.






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