Elementor Editor Not Loading

Elementor is a Page Builder Plugin For WordPress that allows you to design simple as well as complex layout and design of a website without the need of getting into the code. Elementor is free to use and you can download it by going into the plugin section of your website. However, for additional, more advanced, and extra features you have to pay something, and it is worth it at this point to spend a few dollars if it is bringing tons of comfort in your life.

Designers and Developers within the software company make frequent use of Elementor. Besides, WordPress also makes use of this app on a very wide scale for a simple and user-friendly design. However, most of the Elementor Editor Cannot Load and shows the continuous spinning icon. It is generally caused by the resource issue or conflict with another plugin. In this problem, settings on the server need to be updated. Today we will guide you on all the problems that one encounters while using WordPress as well as also suggest the solution to such problems.

Follow the steps below in case of Troubleshooting

  • Meet the minimum system requirements as defined by the Elementor Company.
  • You can check the minimum system requirements by going to Elementor>System Info. In this regard, check the PHP version and memory limit, also note down the other system limitations. As any of these things can cause problems in the future.
  • Also, make sure that you are using the updated version of Elementor. The version of the elementor you are using must comply with the WordPress version as well as the theme. In this regard, going to Dashboard>Updates will allow you to update the current version of the plugin, elementor.
  • The problem of the elementor stucking or not loading can also cause due to the Plugin Conflict. To solve this issue deactivate all the plugins and activate them one by one and look for the detection of the issue.
  • Also, the theme can create hurdles in the proper functioning of the Elementor. Deactivation and activation of the theme is the solution to this problem.
  • If the problems still persist, ask your hosting company to provide you with Mod Security Error Logs. Also, ask them if the PHP Zlib Extension file is enabled on your server.
  • In some cases, there is also a need to increase the max_input_vars, ask your hosting provider in the solution of such a problem.

Elementor Editor Running Slow

Also, most of the time we are stuck in the problem when the elementor editor runs too slow. In this case, some other thing is utilizing too many resources. In case of such a problem, close the unnecessary browser tabs. After closing all the unnecessary tabs, reload elementor and your problem will get resolved.

Activate Safe Mode

Activating the safe mode within WordPress will allow you to determine which of the plugin or theme is utilizing too many resources. In the Safe Mode, elementor editor will load within seconds and your problem will get resolved.

Temporarily Switch Theme

Try to switch your current theme to the default WordPress Theme in order to see if the problem is due to the incompatibility of the theme.

Plugins Conflict

Also the plugins conflict results in the slow running of the Elementor Editor.

Can’t Edit With Elementor

 The Editor is Blank White Page

The white blank page upon loading the Elementor editor is due to a lack of memory or another fatal error. In this case, it is recommended to check the minimum system requirements required to run Elementor on your website.

This problem persists due to the memory issue, in this regard deactivate some of the plugins to create room for Elementor in order for its successful running. It is the solution to the White Screen of Death of the Elementor Editor.

Most of the time, the URL in the back-end is different as compared to the URL in the front-end. In such a case, make sure that the website address is similar to the WordPress Address.

Also, the plugin conflict results in the White Death of Elementor. A computer can also result in the blank page of Elementor Editor, in this case, try from another computer.

Elementor Editor is Gray Page and Endlessly Loading

Plugin Conflict

The Gray page of the Elementor is due to its conflict with another plugin or with the script inserted within the theme. Enabling the safe mode will provide you with a solution to this problem. Else, deactivate the plugin one by one to see which of the plugin is causing the problem. This type of problem of the Elementor is due to its incompatibility with other plugins.

The infinite gray loading screen within the Elementor is also due to the cause of the conflict between Elementor and Elementor Pro. Besides, this type of problem is also due to the add-on installed within a specific browser In such a case try changing the browser and reload Elementor.

Theme Problems

In most of the cases, the gray screen of the Elementor is also due to the pre-loader within the theme. In such a scenario disable the theme preloader by going into the theme options or perform it with the help of Customizer.

The gray page of the Elementor is also due to the X-Frame Restrictions and Cross-Login Issues. In this case, you can check the error message by going into the browser console by inspecting within the browser and going to the console. Within the console, Error Messages are highlighted within the red.

So as and when you encounter the gray infinite loading screen of Elementor, change the X-Frame options from DENY to SAMEORIGIN. If you are unable to do it contact the Hosting Provider of your website.

Similarly, if you are using Cloudflare, switch off rocket loader or add rules to CloudFare. When Rocket Loader is activated it will take time to load the editor of Elementor and most of the time you get stuck on the Gray Loading Page.

The cache of Cloudflare also prevents your browser in recognizing the new versions of Elementor and Elementor Pro and in case a scenario clear as well as deactivate your cache before updating the plugins.

The widget Panel is Grayed-Out and Loading Endlessly

In case if the widget panel is grayed out it is due to the plugin conflict. In such a scenario deactivate plugins one by one and looks for the detection of the issue except the deactivating of Elementor and Elementor Pro. After this step contact the support of the conflicting plugin and reports them the issue too.

Unable to Access Edit Page

In most cases, we are unable to access the edit page and are sent to the live page when we click on edit with Elementor, in such a scenario plugin conflict and memory issue is the main problem.

Error 500 While Using Elementor

Error 500 within the Elementor is due to a number of different reasons. The memory Limit issue is the cause of Error 500. According to the Elementor, the memory limit is 128MB. If the error 500 is due to the memory issue contact your hosting provider to send you the PHP Error Logs. Also, the Fatal Error or the issue with the third-party plugin can cause Error 500 and it is not possible without the Error logs to detect the exact issue.

Check the PHP Error Logs of your server if you are encountering the Error 500 problem. If you are unable to produce the PHP Error Logs contact your hosting provider. If your hosting company is unable to solve this issue contact Elementor for the resolution of this problem.

Error 502 when trying to edit with Elementor

If you encounter the error 502 upon trying to edit with the Elementor. Go To Elementor>Settings>Advance and under the Edit Loader just enable the option Switch Front End Editor Loader Method. This act will change the Elementor Editor Loader Method.

Similarly, increasing a particular Apache Service Limit is also the solution to this problem. To do this add the following lines inside the website’s .HT Access File.

<IfModule mod_subsctitute.c>

SubstituteMaxLineLength 10M


Content Area Not Found in the Page

Most of the time, while turning on Elementor we also encounter a problem that “Content Area Was Not Found On Your Page”. You must call the_content function in the current template, for Elementor to work on this page”.

Elementor Content Area Was Not Found

What is the _content and why does Elementor require it?

The _content function is the WordPress function that picks up the content from the database and prints it on the screen. In this case, Elementor content replaces the content of the current page and if the function is not called Elementor cannot work. You can get more information on the _content by visiting WordPress.org.

Elementor Limitations

Note down that the Blog Archive page and Homepage can only be edited with Elementor Pro. Similarly, WooCommerce Product Page and Shop Page cannot be edit directly with the Elementor. Elementor Pro provides you with the flexibility to create a new shop archive page.

WooCommerce Product Pages must have to be edited with Elementor Pro WooCommerce Builder. If you edit it in this way you will not get the _content error and you can apply Elementor to your WooCommerce Product Pages.

Similarly, if you are trying to create a new page and encounter the _contnet problem, just set the permalink slug to plain to troubleshoot. If you are already using the same slug everywhere such as the post category or product category then assign the same name to the page, permalink confusion arouses the _content error to occur.

Like if you are using the category of electronics, do not use electronics as the slug of your page, name your new page with something else and the problem will get resolved.

As discussed earlier, _Content fetches the data from the database and display it to the user. Also, most of the time, the theme developer creates a theme and forgets to include the _content tag within the theme. In this regard includes the _content tag within your code if you want to edit it with Elementor.

The code for the _content tag is <?php the_content(); ?>

Here are also some of the other reasons for the content not found error.

  • Browser Caching Issues.
  • Conflicts with Browser Add-Ons
  • Plugin Conflicts
  • Back End Issues.
  • Permissions on Pages.
  • 404 Pages
  •  Structure of the permalink
  • Installed WordPress without .htaccess file.
  • A server that not counts PHP $_GET variable.
  • enable Zlib.output_compression (It will compress the resources and helps in the fast loading of the editor)

Preview Could Not Be Loaded

Elementor Preview Could Not Be Loaded

The preview could not be loaded error occurs due to.

  • Missing Theme Files.
  • Corrupted .htaccess File.
  • Enable Safe Mode
  • HTTP Errors
  • For the resolution of the preview could not be loaded error, try the following
  • HTTP Errors
  • Hosting Issues
  • Index.php File Errors.
  • Don’t have any redirect on the page
  • Rocket Loader Issue (Elementor and Cloudfare do integrate with each other)
  • Edit in Incognito Mode.
  • Make sure that no add on is working in the incognito mode.
  • Check the structure of permalinks


we have jotted down all the problems that the developers in their daily life encounter while using Elementor. Besides, we have also written down the solutions to such problems. Still, if the problem persists contact Maxenius for the instant resolution of your problem. You can also email us at usama@maxenius.com or simply WhatsApp 0322-8661367 and define your problem for the instant solution.






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