How To Update WordPress Version and its Problems?

Themes, Plugins, as well as WordPress, requires constant updating. Major and minor updates are the core of WordPress. Usually, major update results in the releases whereas minor updates fix things and bugs. However, both major and minor updates are essential. Updating WordPress will secure your website as well as also fix plenty of bugs at the same time with the addition of new features.

The auto-update feature of WordPress allows WordPress to update automatically whereas you can also update themes and plugins automatically. It is worth to be noted at this point that updating WordPress also requires to update themes and plugins at the same time. Else they will conflict and it will become difficult for you to run your website.

Setting WordPress on auto-update is a super-fast process. In this regard, WordPress automatically update all the files, perform a validation itself, and also automatically update the site at the same moment. Before updating it is also better to backup your website and updating it and is also better to have an overlook at the entire website making sure that everyday operations are running better and correct.

Updating the WordPress website will cause no issue, however, it may happen that the site stops working due to incompatible themes and plugins. In this regard, it is better to update themes and plugins too. However, before you update WordPress it is good if you pre-update plugins. There is an Update option in the Administration Panel of the WordPress that provides you with the alert to update outdated plugins as well as also provides you with the feature to update the theme if it is outdated.

how to update wordpress?

How To Update WordPress without losing Content?

Before updating your WordPress it is better to have a backup of the entire site. In case if something goes wrong you can restore the last version of the website. Also backup website files at the same moment. Make sure your backup includes the entire site with all necessary files.

Deactivate all the plugins before updating your website. Aftermath downloads the updated version of WordPress by visiting the WordPress website. Delete all the old files thereafter upload and extract the new WordPress version. Aftermath goes to in order to see if the database requires an upgrade and performs up-gradation if required.

Upload plugins as well as themes. Reactivate the plugins for the detection of any issue or problem. Clear the cache of the test and run the entire website manually to see if it is fully functional or not. There’s go your website up-gradation with the latest version of WordPress.








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