Why choose WordPress for website building


While many other website building platforms are being launched every day, some people feel insecure and ask is it ok to use WordPress 2021. Well, today’s the day when we bit first and try to answer this question.

Before we start justifying the importance of WordPress we should take a look at some facts and figures. WordPress takes over the 40% of whole web and is a major platform for brands and small business owners. Its popularity soared even more once they launched Woo Commerce and it took the ecommerce market by a storm.
Now, that we’ve got our facts straight, let’s take a look at some cold solid reasons of why you should still go with WordPress 2021.

Easy to use

It’s a fact that they are currently hundreds of platforms out there that are better than WordPress in some aspects, but are they easy to use? No sir! WordPress is still the only platform that can boast regarding its incredibly easy UI and smooth user experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a tech guru, if you can read English and follow instructions, you can definitely set up your shop using WordPress.

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Most flexible platform ever

Common misconception is that WordPress is only popular among small business owners who don’t have to worry about expanding their online business. The truth is that WordPress is one of the most flexible and easy to expand platform ever. With its almost unlimited number of plugins and integrations, you can expand your ecommerce business as much as you want.

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Vast community to guide you

Among all the platforms used for building websites, WordPress has the largest community of them all, full of experts and gurus who are there to guide through the process. If you ever get stuck at any step in the way, you can rest assured that they are many beginners and experts out there to give you hand in your journey.

Change with one click

Just as mentioned above, WordPress is damn easy to use. You can change the look and feel of your whole website with single clicks. Every day, thousands of plugins and themes are uploaded on Woo Commerce market, and you can easily use them to give your website uplift in no time.  Whether it’s complex payment method integration or a simple side bar menu, all it takes is a simple click and not hundreds of lines of codes to do it.

Easy to optimize

Most platforms require you to maintain them regularly and optimize them for SEO. Well, WordPress isn’t like those platforms. All you need for optimizing your site are a couple of plugins that will do that job more effectively as any other coder out there.

It’s easy to doubt a platform when new ones come up with new and fancy stuff, but no matter what happens they can’t replace that homely feeling you develop over time with the platform you use. WordPress is that kind of platform for most people out there. So, we hope that you found these arguments solid, and have understood that you can still hold your head high and say that you’re using WordPress 2021.

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