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If you’re questioning about woo commerce market strength then either you haven’t used woo commerce before or you’re not familiar with global trends. Sure, it’s the truth that times have changed and now many better platforms have emerged in ecommerce market, but the question is, Have Woo commerce lost its market strength due to this? That’s what we’ll be discussing today.

Before we jump right into our main topic, let’s take a look at the statistics first. Currently, there are more than 5 million stores that are using woo commerce for their stores.  It’s an observation that more than 26% of leading ecommerce stores trust this platform for this site. It has been downloaded for more than 27 million times and ranks among one of the top used ecommerce platforms in industry.

Now, that we’ve got our facts straight, let’s take a look at some cold solid reasons of why you should still go with WordPress 2021.

The graph of word press popularity hasn’t dwindled over the years, and that makes woo commerce, which is by the way child of word press itself; the strongest competitor among all other platforms.

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Now, woo commerce market strength is directly proportional to new trends. As mentioned earlier that many new platforms emerged but people still trust woo commerce in 2021. Why is that? Well, there are a couple of reasons for that. Let’s take a look at what are the reasons what make woo commerce is an ideal choice for new ecommerce enthusiasts.

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Affordable pricing

There’s no doubt about the fact that market strength of an ecommerce platform depends highly on its affordability. This one factor defines what kind of sector will be using the platform. So, if you talk about this one specific point, then you’ll see that woo commerce has got many platforms beat. Not only are its assets easy to purchase but even its service providers are easily available and don’t cost you much.
If you compare it to more fancy platforms like Shopify or Magento, then you’ll see that the budged in which you can build a whole woo commerce store, only suffices for buying on theme on these platforms. Sounds outrageous right? That’s why affordable pricing is always kept as first argument whenever it comes to defending its title as strongest ecommerce platform.

Easier setup is strength

What kind of platform would you choose for your ecommerce store? One which is complex and you have to run to an expert every time you want to change font size, or one which is so simple that you can fix things yourself. You don’t have to be a genius in order to make this choice. If platform is easier to handle then you don’t have to spend money on development services for management. Woo commerce experts consider this factor as one of the best arguments for defining this platform’s market strength.
Shopify has got liquid coding and Magento is an open source platform which requires to spend thousands for making a store that brings in sale. Both these fancy platforms aren’t easy to handle by average Joe and hence lose their market strength in front of woo commerce.

Flexibility matters

 Want to sell Swiss army knives, digital products or Furniture, anything you want to sell no matter the nature of your product, you can do it here on woo commerce. Although woo commerce isn’t an open source platform but still it’s got the flexibility that even open source platforms don’t have. With its vibrant and massive community, every day improvements keep coming in and woo commerce keeps getting better, faster and stronger in market.  


It’s easy to doubt a platform when new ones come up with new and fancy stuff, but no matter what happens they can’t replace that homely feeling you develop over time with the platform you use. WordPress is that kind of platform for most people out there. So, we hope that you found these arguments solid, and have understood that you can still hold your head high and say that you’re using WordPress 2021.

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