How to apply CSS on Inner Element Selector?

Adjoining CSS With Other Languages

CSS is super-simple and so easy to master that even the student of the primary can easily master it. How most of the time we also stuck on CSS, when we try to adjoin CSS with other languages. However, it is essential to adjoin CSS with other programming languages, as mixing CSS with other languages increases the functionality also results in higher user-interactivity.

Today we will guide you on the common issue, that most web designers face while using and applying CSS. How to apply style on the inner element of CSS?. We are willing to apply CSS that is between two other elements (siblings), Let’s see the code below.

Example By Code

<label class=”XYZ”>XYZ</label>

<img class=”validation-mark”>

<input type=”text” class=”ng-invalid”>

We can use the +operator for the selector of the siblings, but the style is needed for the second element out of the three.



display:inline !important  //this style will get applied on the image.


It is the code, that most of the designers write in order to apply CSS on the inner element selector. However, there is a problem with this code. And we will highlight the common mistakes and problems with it.

In this particular case, we need to select the image which is next to the label. Here we can use the adjacent sibling combinator selector. The adjacent sibling combinator allows you to select an element that is directly after another specific element.

It is the right way to apply CSS to the inner Element Selector.

label+img.validation-mark {



Besides, the image can also be selected and the style can be applied to it.

Img {


&.validation-mark {





Besides, you can also use the JQuery and can apply a style to it.

$(label.field-name).next(‘img-validation-mark’).css(‘display’:inline !important);

How to apply Multiple CSS Inner Selector?

Considering the above example we will apply CSS Inner Selector on both image and input. E.G.


label+img.validation-mark +input[type=”text”].ng-invalid {



CSS can also be applied separately on the image as well as input selectors.

.validation-mark {



Input Selector.

.ng-invalid {



How to apply CSS Inner Selector on all Elements?



label {




We have guided you in detail on how to apply CSS on the Inner Selector Element. Still, if your problem persists, contact us at or WhatsApp 0322-8661367 for a detailed solution to your problem.






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