Top 20 Web Development Companies in the United Kingdom 2020

When IT industry is developing so fast it becomes difficult to find the right agency to share the idea for your project. You always remain in search for an agency that not only understands your idea completely but also does their best to execute it. So, to save your time here we are today with top 20 web development companies in United Kingdom 2020.
Before we start, it’s necessary to mention that all of these companies are excellent at what they do and they sure are doing a great job but this list has been made just to spare you searching for the best agency among them.

1 . Qubit labs

Qubit is now a renowned name in the development industry and is especially famous for setting up remote dedicated development teams for their clients. They’ve got a lot of teams comprised of highly professional and seasoned developers of different ranks and expertise. Using the latest technologies to make the product ready for future is their specialty. They also give their clients option of choosing their own developer and in house team which means the client can choose who he wants to work with. This brilliant and out of the box strategy of interacting with clients has made Qubit labs topic of discussion in development circles of UK.

2 . BrownOwlCreative

This development company is ranked at second position among all the best web development companies in UK. BrownOwlCreative is famous for their brilliant design solutions which has given them a local and foreign client trail. With their mesmerizing and carefully designed websites they attract users and make them stay at the landing page for longer time. This organization is also famous for web development, motion graphics, UX design and making neat illustrations. They create amazing websites using technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, etc. If this was the race for being the best design company in UK, this company would’ve definitely secured the first place.

3 . Human Made

What if we tell you that there’s actually a company that has been working only on WordPress for more than 5 years! Human made was recognized as the WordPress VIP partner in 2012 and they are still one of the top WordPress website developers. Over the years they’ve scouted some of the best minds with brilliant level expertise in WordPress. So, if you’ve got a site that you need to be built in WordPress, Human Made should be the first company you call because these guys have dedicatedly worked only on technology and have perfected this art.

4 . Xibis

Another company with an excellent track record of working in all technologies related to web development. Xibis has been in market for more than 20 years now and over the years they’ve gathered developers with expertise in different technologies so that they can handle all sorts of projects. When it comes to developing a project from scratch, writing the cleanest code and checking the product by applying different techniques before deploying it, this company has the most slick development procedure.
These guys are great at handling all sorts of challenges you throw at them when it comes to website development. Maxenius has earned reputation in the market for being the most efficient, corporative and futuristic development company. With their highly professional and experienced website developers by their side, these guys have developed some of the most amazing and cool looking websites ever. Their development procedure is also quite through and the Quality assurance tests are intense. Maxenius solutions is also famous for providing all their clients VIP level treatment which has given them a strong client trail not only in UK but all over the world.

6 . Moove agency

Another website development agency in our list which is entirely focused on taking the WordPress development to next level! These guys take pride in providing fast and outstanding development services. This agency is famous for handling API integrations, web designs and reviewing complex codes etc. Moove agency has made has some pretty amazing sites for globally known organizations.

7 . Meticulosity

Just like the name shows, these guys are very meticulous and are very careful while handling a project. They are known for having extensive sessions with their clients just to understand their vision completely. They call themselves a “boutique” agency which means they are excellent at making custom websites. This web development company provides all the full-cycle development services like designing, development, SEO, online advertising, e-commerce inbound marketing etc.

8 . DCSL software

With 23 years on the market, DCSL software has won awards for their excellent web development services. This London based company is famous for making efficient and fast digital products. Not only that, it’s also famous for making brilliant business, mobile and web applications. In their journey of two decades, these guys have served thousands of clients and have a great track list of projects they can brag about. They are certified partners with Microsoft and have earned reputation around the world for developing custom software for corporate conglomerates, startups and other ventures.

9 . Intechnic

Intechnic is another development company based in London which has reputation for providing full-cycle web development services. Intechnic not only develop services for clients but also make strategies, marketing solutions and product designs. These guys have been on market for two decades and have successfully completed more than a thousand projects. This company has got awards like communications award, interactive media awards and Davey award.

10 . CyberDuck

With many famous clients like GlaxoSmithKline, Mitsubishi Electric and Aston martin etc. these guys ensure to provide the combination of marketing, user experience and branding. This company has many experts with enormous experience in what they do. This agency have won more than a hundred awards including some famous awards like BIMA hot 100, association excellence awards etc.

11 . Pragmatic

With more than two decades in the market, these guys claim to be one of the best WordPress development company in UK. In twenty years, this company has gathered amazing developers which are extremely good at what they do. If you’ve got a project to be built from scratch or a product idea to discuss, Pragmatic is the best choice for you. This company mainly focuses on projects related to healthcare, retail industry and transport etc.

12 . Thoughtbot

This agency has been in market from 2003 and is based on Boston. This agency is quite broadly spread and his office in London as well. Thoughtbot is famous for providing custom software solution to their clients. The client they’ve worked with always compliment their quick project completion time, commitment with the work and neat and clean coding.

13 . Ready 4 Us

Ready 4 Us is a development company based on Poland but has an office here in UK. This company started their journey in 2011 and since they’ve developed amazing digital solutions for many big companies. This company is very famous in the industry for their ability to meet tight deadlines. It’s has also earned reputation for using efficient, corporative and quality oriented project development approach.

14 . Tivix

With more than a decade in the market, this company is also considered an amazing choice if you have a project that needs to be developed from scratch. These guys are famous for providing services to many big companies all around the world. They use agile approach for developing web solutions, mobile applications and other industrial grade solutions.

15 . Tatva soft

This Indian software company has grown quite big in last two decades and has now office in UK as well. With more than 800 employees working in this company, it is famous for providing custom web and mobile development services. It is famous for providing services like e-commerce, website development and custom software solutions to corporate conglomerates.

16 . Dept

Formed in 2016 this web development firm has grown rapidly in little time and has now more than a thousand employees all over the world. These guys provide great UI/UX designing, web developing and marketing services to their clients. They’ve worked with some pretty big companies and have utilized the smart minds of their developers to make out of the box, futuristic industrial grade solutions.

17 . IntellectSoft

This development company is another one in our list which calls itself “boutique” service providers. IntellectSoft has provided development solutions to many fortune 500 companies as their mission is to promote the use of latest technologies in industries. These guys are pretty great at solving complex problems which arise when a company moves to a latest technology leaving the last one they were using.

18 . Zesty

This digital agency is one of the oldest in our list as it was founded in 1996. Now, the number of employees in this agency might not be too great but still its achievement can’t be neglected. They provide many digital services but the services which they are actually known for are web designing, digital strategy making and web development.

19 . Netsells group

Formed in 2009, this agency is based in New York but has an office here in UK as well. This company has established itself as the top dog in mobile app development industry but it is also quite famous for its website development services. They are known for being efficient, hardworking and detail oriented company.

20 . CTI digital

CTI digital has been in development game for two decades and has earned a good name in web development circles. They have more than 50 employees and they are known for their work in e-commerce development, mobile application development and UI/UX designing. They’ve also worked with a government contractor for providing custom digital solution according to his needs.






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