How To Prevent Conflict With Another Plugin in WordPress?

WordPress Plugins are the revolution in the subject of Website Designing and Development. These plugins add a lot of features to the website and make the website designing, development, and management easy for the non-technical personnel however, at the same time there are also some of the cons of plugins but very few in number.

Plugins add a lot to the website in the form of functionality however they are also the cause of site errors, crashes, bugs, and performance issues and even results in the white screen of death causing the website to stop working. Therefore we are writing this article in order to protect you from the plugin conflict.

Why Plugin Conflict Happens?

Plugin Conflict is the result of the conflict between two plugins. In this particular case, the code of one plugin conflict with another and the website fails to perform as normal and some of the features or functionalities of the website also stop working.

  • In the conflict between two plugins, one of the plugins is executing the code that the other plugin restricts. Plugin conflict is the result of the following reasons.
  • Due to the code complexity for example in the E-Commerce website, the billing and inventory plugin may conflict.
  • One bad fish can spoil the entire lake. Also in most cases, the code of one plugin is poorly written and is not well-structured which results in conflict with other plugins. Such type of plugin restricts other plugins and brings the website down.
  • Most of the time, after updating the plugin it proves to be incompatible with the theme and other plugins.
  • A Batch Auto-Update sparks a functionality war between two or more plugins when both try to execute conflicting commands affecting the same part of the same website.

WordPress White Screen of Death

The White Screen of Death results when the memory limit allocated by the hosting is all occupied, and there is no new memory space for the rest of the script to execute, as the script also takes some amount of RAM as well as SSD to execute. In this case, there is no message to display and you will only encounter the white screen with nothing warning or alarming.

How Conflicts Affect Website?

Conflicts result in a lot of errors on the website and make the website ugly for the visitors, as well as also results in the loss of some of the functionalities on the website. However, in this case, you still have an access to the admin panel of the website.

Also, the plugins conflict results in the white screen of death (WSOD) most of the time. Also, the plugin conflict is the result of the cause of an outdated plugin or incompatible theme and can also arise due to server-side issues such as when the server exceeds its memory limit.

How to Stop Plugins From Conflicting?

If you have access to your admin panel then no power in this world can stop you from resolving the plugins conflict. In case of a conflict between any of the plugin follow the steps below.

  • Make sure all the plugins are updated.
  • Clear the browser’s cache
  • Analyze the problem if the conflict is due to the theme or the current version of WordPress.
  • Try to figure out which of the plugin is causing the problem by inspecting the browser’s console or activating/deactivating plugins one by one and trying to configure that is causing the problem.
  • Deactivate the plugin that is causing the problem at the same time also reports the bug to the developer.

The White Screen of Death is the scariest form of the plugin conflict. It stops you from accessing the admin panel of your website, and if you are unable to access the admin panel of your website you will be unable to remove the conflicting plugin at the same time will also be unable to resolve the issue conflicting your website.

However, there are several ways that in case of the White Screen of Death, you can still access your admin panel. Here we will define some.

How To Solve Plugin Conflict In case you cannot access your admin panel.

  • Install any FTP Program like File Zilla.
  • Connect Your Website with FTP
  • Access the files of your website through FTP and disable themes or plugins.
  • In case of regaining access to your website Login To Troubleshoot.
  • Still, if the problem persists contact your hosting provider for the resolution of the problem.


We have guided you in-depth related to the plugin conflict. Following our suggestions will make you avoid plugin conflict. Still, if the problem persists contact your hosting provider, if you are reluctant ping us at [email protected] or simply WhatsApp 0322-8661367 for the instant resolution of your problem.






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