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Choosing the right stock images

Finding the right professional stock images for your store is never easy. You have to consider factors like color scheme of your site, opacity and boldness of images etc. It’s important that images you choose reflect the vision of your brand.

Long gone are times when cliché images like professionals shaking hands used to be ok. Now, you need to be slicker with your choice of images. Also, the trend of using stock videos is also quite soaring. Using a video instead of images gives a more dynamic look to the site.

Anyway, today we’ll talk about sites that offer free stock images. Not only these sites offer stock images but you can find some pretty great shots there too.

So, let’s dive in shall we.


This platform is first choice when it comes to stock images for a lot of professionals. Unsplash contains a great collection of stock images to choose from. Whether it’s for an ecommerce store or for an agency site, you can find all sorts of images here.

Why choose unsplash?

  • More than 850,000 HD images to use for different purposes
  • Free to use and you don’t even have to give credits
  • Beautifully made categories to arrange images for easy access


Another great choice for getting high quality stock images is pexels. Although it’s still quite behind in number of high-quality images as compared to Unsplash. But still, it is quite a good site for stock images. This site is particularly famous for its amazing shots that are perfect for ecommerce sites. That’s why it’s quite famous in ecommerce community.

Why Choose pexels?

  • 50,000 + HD images to be used for different purposes
  • It also has stock videos available
  • Most of images are free to use for personal and professional uses but some of them are licensed.


This platform is powered by Shopify. Since it’s powered by an ecommerce platform, this site has some particularly awesome images for ecommerce sites. It has different categories for all sorts of ecommerce stores. This site is perfect for you if you want to explore images made specially for ecommerce.

Why chose Burst?

  • HD images divided in different categories made specially for ecommerce platform needs.
  • A special business ideas section where different categories are available keeping startups in mind
  • All images are royalty free and can be used for offline designs like banners and billboards etc.


This platform has gained popularity pretty quickly after its initial launch. It has a great collection of shots belonging to different categories. All categories are quite carefully put together in this website. This platform has recently become the favorite of most UI designers in market.

Reason of that lies in the images themselves. All of images are not shot to be really prominent or flashy. Most images are simple and even black and white so that they can go with any color scheme.

Why choose picography?

  • Great images for UI designs
  • Tons of categories from which you can definitely one or two shots that you’ll like
  • This site has a CC0 license which means most images are available to be put out in the public domain.


You’ll love this platform if you are into natural casual images. This site has a collection of amazing shots that seem random but are infact excellently planned. Images in this website are highly versatile and make them easy to use for all sorts of purposes.

Why chooses Moose?

  • Excellently planned images to give natural effect.
  • All shots of a same category are consistent and can be used in a series
  • This platform is under a creative license which means that you have to give link for attribution

Foodies feed

Consider this platform Pinterest but only for food! Foodies feed is dedicated to providing HD images for food. If you’re going to make a food relevant website then this site is perfect for you. All shots in this site are so mouthwatering that they’ll make you hungry while you’re scrolling.

Why choose Foodies feed

  • Dedicated platform for high quality food shots
  • Tons of Instagram style overhead shots to give more aesthetic look
  • Suitable for industry use and totally Royality free


It is not as famous as other stock images platforms but it still is a good option. It’s quite a great experience to scroll through their full preview images. All images are perfectly curated and their attention to detail in clicking a picture is just amazing.

Why choose splitshare?

  • About 1,000 HD images to pick from
  • Some excellent shots that even featured in CNN and Huffington post.
  • Free for printing and commercial use

Mix kit

This platform is backed by Envato and is dedicated to providing HD shots for video project. Most of the videos here are aimed to be used for hero sections. It’s a great idea to use video in hero section if you have a fast server. This site offers a lot of video categories like cinmeatic, drone shots etc.

Why choose Mix kit

  • Choosing the right video will give your look an amazing aesthetic look
  • A video library that’s growing every single day.
  • These videos can be used in commercial projects for free