Sales skills you need to have

Selling something is all about developing the connection between you and the potential buyer. Once that connection is established, you can sell anything, literally anything to a person. Being a sales representative is a tough job, it really is. It’s not easy to meet hundreds of people every day and convince them to make a purchase. You memorize the product’s description, its features, why should they buy it and many other things that company tells you to say to the clients. But, the truth is that most of the time it just doesn’t work.

Now, you might be thinking why is it that no matter how hard you try to explain them or how much you try to convince them, the template that company told you to follow never works. Well, the reason is pretty simple. People are tired of the same old things that sale representatives repeat like a parrot. If you notice, you’ll see that most of the sale representatives have a lot of common things among them. Starting from the template that they follow to the desperate touch in their voice, all of these things irritate a listener.

No need to be worried though, because today we’ll teach you the essential sales skills that you need to have. These skills will help you in becoming a better sales representative and a more effective spokesman.


No! It’s not what you’re thinking but that can help too in some cases. For becoming a better sales representative, being able to tell a good story is always important. Just repeating the product description will make people uninterested and they will stop listening. But, if you associate a story with the product that you’re offering, you’ll see that people will show more interest and they will make a purchase mostly.

People don’t believe in others, they believe in the stories that others have to offer! Always remember this rule if you want to make tons of sales. If you convince a bald guy to buy a hair tonic from you which will make him look better, it means that you’re asserting that he’s not looking good as he is. But what if you tell them a story that a bald friend of yours started using this tonic and he became so good looking that they made him incharge of customer affairs just because of his good looks. Your chances of making a sale will sky rocket as soon as your potential customer hears this story.

Everyone likes a good story that they can relate to, all you have to do is just come up with one.


You might be wondering why is empathy important for a sales representative who’s trying to make a sale? Well, that is quite an excellent question.

Now, just imagine that you knock on a door and the person who comes out is an extremely sad store owner who’s upset because his dog died. What would you do with a man who’s going through a midlife crisis? Will you try to make a sale anyway even when you can say that he’s in a bad shape? OR will you be understanding and will offer him a listening ear?

Choose the first option and you’ll see that you won’t even get a chance to speak. On the other hand, if you go with the latter option not only you’ll be consoling a man in the hard time of his life but you’ll also be making sure that he’ll make a purchase for sure.
Empathy helps you develop deep meaningful bonds with your customers and that helps you in the long run.


This is probably the single most important quality that should be in a good sales representative. If you can adapt to your environment and come up with a script which is best suited for that time and place, you will increase your success rate a hell lot more.

Just like the scenario with empathy, imagine being a medicine sales representative and you’re in a place where a bunch of people are talking about something. Now, in order to adapt properly you must focus on three things

  • Listen
  • Gather what you know about that topic
  • Take them by surprise.

Let’s suppose that the group is talking about surgical procedures. Now, you may not have even stepped inside a hospital but still we all know a little something about surgeries don’t we. What’s the most common thing among all surgeries? Yes! It’s the risk factors in it.

Now, you wait for the right moment and when the time is right you just say “and what about the risk factors?” This will do two things:

  • You will get instant attention since the point is valid
  • They will be interested in what you have to say

Here’s where you wait for the reply and after they are finished, you state your business. In this scenario there’s almost an 85% chance that those doctors will recommend the board to buy the medicines you are selling.

Active listening

Everyone likes a good listener and that’s a universal fact. Whenever someone’s sad or angry or disappointed, they want someone to just listen to what they have to say. As a good sales representative you should be an active listener. If you feel that the person you’re going to talk to is feeling upset, just ask “Is everything ok? You can share if there’s something wrong. I’ll listen!” and there’s more than 90% chance that they’ll open up.

Being an active listener is a good quality in general but when you’re trying to sell something this quality becomes more valuable. Listening to your potential customers will not only give you experience of dealing with other customers with same problems but will also guarantee a huge sale. Now, we’re not telling you to just listen to people to make them feel obligated that they owe you this purchase. No! That’s not the message we’re conveying.

The main message is that being an active listener makes you a better sales representative because you get to experience with a foreign human emotion.

Product knowledge

This is something that most sales representative already has excess of so we’ll not bore you with details. But, still there are some things that might help you while memorizing a product’s features.

  • Always start with the interesting details. (like how much time it takes in working etc.)
  • Involve statistics to show that you exactly know what your product does
  • Try to memorize the formula
  • Tell them that the product is safe (only if it is) and has no side effects.

Master the points above and your potential client will never get bored of the product knowledge you’re trying to share with them.

Marketing psychology

Some of you might be worried after reading this point but don’t be because you don’t have to get a degree in marketing psychology to be a sales representative. All you need is good communication skills and understand what the client wants to listen. That’s how much psychology you need to know.

Every person in this world has their own way of thinking, their own take on things. That’s why it’s important for a sales representative to understand the psychology of his potential customers. Now, we’re not telling you to read a person’s face or tell by the change in his breathing patterns whether he’ll make a purchase or not.

Understanding a person’s psychology is just the first thought that is generated in your mind about the personality type of that person. You can confirm that image formed in your mind by talking to the person and that will strengthen your knowledge.

Marketing psychology actually means targeting the right people while selling a specific product and for that you need understand the people first.


We fully understand that every sale for a sales representative is a small success and we also know the joy of that success. That’s why it’s important that you follow these golden steps in order to be a more successful sale representative and become better at it.

  • Storytelling
  • Empathy
  • Adaptability
  • Active listening
  • Product knowledge
  • Marketing psychology

Consider all of these skills as the holy rules that guide you while you’re on a mission of selling your product.






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