The 5 P’s of marketing

The definition of marketing varies from person to person because for everyone the word “marketing” holds a different meaning. There are people who believe to be the art of selling something; some believe it to be an effective way of communication and for some it’s the art of understanding a potential customer’s psychology and then affecting their decision.
The way you will lead your marketing strategy depends on what is the definition of marketing for you. According to marketing experts, it’s the art of making people see what you want them to see. Now, it can be a message you’re trying to deliver, a service that you’re offering, a product that you’re trying to sell or a brand that you’re promoting.
Now, before you bring in a marketing team and spend a huge budget on the marketing campaigns, you need to evaluate that whether you’re following the 5 P’s of marketing. These 5 rules are considered to be the base of any marketing campaign. If you’re not following these rules then know it that you’re not doing things the right way.

Today, we’ll dive in to the 5 P’s of marketing and see how the affect a customer’s opinion about the brand.


You can spend million and millions of dollars in the name of marketing funds but you’ll get no results at all if you’re product isn’t good enough. Marketing isn’t just about promising cakes and lollipops to the customers. It’s about presenting your product in the best way possible and making people see how your product or service can affect their life in a positive way.
If you launch a perfect marketing campaign then at first you might get a great response. But as soon as the customers realize that they have not been delivered the quality they were promised, they will get angry and there’s nothing scarier than an angry consumer. No one will obviously handle it very well if they get conned. This will not only ruin the brand’s image but will also shatter the trust of people on you. You’ll have to do a lot of effort and spend a lot of money in order to gain their trust back.
That’s why, before launching any campaign just ask yourself this question, “Is my question good enough?” And if the answer is No, then stop and revaluate things to see where you went wrong with the process.


If you want to earn money and consumer trust in one go; always keep your product affordable.
This is one golden rule that can make your brand a name of trust in a niche. Keeping your products on a realistic, affordable price is one of the key points which most brands forget. In this materialistic world where everything pricey is considered to be of high quality, normal people don’t get to experience what luxury items feel like.
Imagine if you launch your product line which is of the same high quality that the other brand is offering but is much more affordable. Where do you think more people will go? Exactly! It will be your accounts that will get filled. As soon as the people realize that the quality your brand is offering is same as the expensive brand, they will come to you and will always choose your brand in future too.
Now this is where the marketing team kicks in. Once you’ve got a product that is of amazing quality and is affordable as well, you start making the marketing strategy.
Post at right time
Most people are still not aware of posting content on the right time. Choosing the best time to post your content is very vital in determining how much attention your story will get. You need to research carefully about what are the timings in which the audience you are targeting is most active. This timing varies for different age groups and hence brands need to be careful about scheduling their posts accordingly.

While making a marketing strategy, you need to focus on the 6 basic pillars of marketing.

  • Spark conversations and movements
  • Inspire your audience to do something positive, something good, through your content. You can do that by making posts about planting more trees or support save planet movements. This will improve the brand image and will make people fall in love with the positivity you’re spreading through your posts and articles.
  • Social listening and market research is the key. 
  • Social listening helps you understand what your potential customers want to see in your brand, what points aren’t clear to them and how much they like what you’re currently presenting to them. This will not only help you in compiling the results of your camping but will also help you in improving your brand.
  • Judge by relationship, not impressions
  • What do you do if an emotional client comes on your post or your article and comments something totally inappropriate? There are two options here. Either you can lose your mind; give that user a piece of your mind and then block them from further commenting. OR, you can choose to stay calm and ask why they have developed that negative opinion about your brand.
  • Test new innovative ideas
  • Always give something new to your users and they will never leave your side! This is one of the golden rules in marketing. Everyone wants to see something new and refreshing every single day. If your marketing campaign focuses on new and innovative ideas for content, then you can rest assured because it will definitely succeed.
  • Speak the language of your audience
  • Yes! This exactly means what you’re thinking right now but it has another meaning as well. Let’s discuss the obvious meaning first. Let’s say that you launch your marketing campaign in USA but most of your audience is from China town which prefers Chinese. What will you do then? It’s important to always care about all types of audience when planning a campaign.
  • Provide value if you want attention
  • You will get nothing except negative customer reviews and bad image in market if your brand doesn’t deliver value. Delivering value is the single most important thing that your camping depends on. It’s a wild goose chase to launch campaigns for a brand that doesn’t care about its customers and doesn’t deliver value. You’ll just be wasting your content and creative ideas on coming up with ideas for such a brand.


Launching a liquor store near a mosque won’t do you any good at all! Forget the sales, you’ll suffer big time if you don’t do marketing in the right place.

Determining the place where you’ll focus your marketing campaign is very important. You need to research properly in which areas your product will do better and which areas will not be suitable for the campaign. For example, if you launch marketing campaign on social media or on any other platform as wine your main product. You need to see that you’re not targeting any areas with communities who don’t like alcohol.

Also, after determining the place where you’ll be focusing your marketing campaign, you need to adjust your content’s language accordingly. Especially in a worldwide campaign, in which you’re targeting major countries, it’s important that you use languages which your audience speaks.


The last and the single most important point in marketing is People. Focusing on what people have to say about your brand is what makes a brand improve. It is said that “Millions of dollars on a brand’s account don’t make the brand; people are the ones which actually make them who they are”.

In order to increase your sales and develop deep meaningful professional bonds, it’s important that you teach your sales representatives necessary sales skills. Some of them are explained below:

  • Storytelling
  • People don’t believe in others, they believe in the stories that others have to offer! Always remember this rule if you want to make tons of sales. If you convince a bald guy to buy a hair tonic from you which will make him look better, it means that you’re asserting that he’s not looking good as he is. But what if you tell them a story that a bald friend of yours started using this tonic and he became so good looking that they made him incharge of customer affairs just because of his good looks. Your chances of making a sale will sky rocket as soon as your potential customer hears this story.
  • Empathy
  • Just imagine that you knock on a door and the person who comes out is an extremely sad store owner who’s upset because his dog died. What would you do with a man who’s going through a midlife crisis? Will you try to make a sale anyway even when you can say that he’s in a bad shape? OR will you be understanding and will offer him a listening ear? Choose the first option and you’ll see that you won’t even get a chance to speak. On the other hand, if you go with the latter option not only you’ll be consoling a man in the hard time of his life but you’ll also be making sure that he’ll make a purchase for sure.
  • Adaptability
  • This is probably the single most important quality that should be in a good sales representative. If you can adapt to your environment and come up with a script which is best suited for that time and place, you will increase your success rate a hell lot more.
  • Active listening
  • Everyone likes a good listener and that’s a universal fact. Whenever someone’s sad or angry or disappointed, they want someone to just listen to what they have to say. As a good sales representative you should be an active listener. If you feel that the person you’re going to talk to is feeling upset, just ask “Is everything ok? You can share if there’s something wrong. I’ll listen!” and there’s more than 90% chance that they’ll open up.






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