BEILAGEN-profi is providing the best quality material for print.
Project Details
BEILAGEN-profi is one of the oldest and prominents names in providing the best quality material for print. The inserts include brochures, custom size papers, etc. BEILAGEN-profi laid their trust on Maxenius Solutions by handing over their website to us. This is an ecommerce based, informative website providing it’s customers both the shopping and also the information related to papers or printing materials making them aware of the standards.
Design Phase
Team Maxenius has to design an unusual yet beautiful website, because this type of e-commerce based website is pretty unusual. We have to keep the whole website an attractive one while using the bright colors. Our designing team became successful in following the clients requirements by adding their creative elements and some attractive yet minimal designs. Thus, a very beautiful fiery color with a combination of black, took the whole website into an eye-catching view. We succeeded in exact designing the desired UI with simple UX.
Development Phase:
Maxenius’s dedicated team of developers took this ecommerce website as a challenge. THe main hurdle was to develop a mechanism for consumers to design and select the dimensions according to their requirements. Team Maxenius, while following the client’s requirements completed this main functionality along with it’s integration with woocommerce. Thus, our developers developed the desired website with all required and needed functionalities.
Challenges In Development
  • Designing a custom mechanism to choose the grammage and size of inserts.
  • Development of custom dimension and color insert.
  • Developing the custom shop according to the desired and selected sizing and grams.
  • Info about the papers, their grams, their dimensions.
  • Selection of paper grams and their sizing separately while separately choosing the color too.
  • Ecommerce functionality while going with custom sizing and gramming of papers