Take a look at Our work

Here are some of our projects that we take pride in. Take a look around and you'll definitely find something fascinating in them

Advocacy Biz by capitol enquiry

Advocacy biz is a product based ecommerce website that allows users to buy subscriptions of different products from a single platform.

Product Price Negotiation
Plugin | VBargain

Smart bargain allows you as a store owner to set a few price options lower than the original price, and the customer will be able to bargain between those prices.

Carrol and Chan Ecommerce Store

Carrol and Chan is a renowned healing and scented candle store and they approached us to get their store developed. It was a great experience working with this brand and we learnt a lot of things from them as well.

Ceremony Coffee | Ecommerce Website

Ceremony Coffee is an ecommerce website that is dedicated to selling top notch coffee of all sorts to a coffee enthusiasts all over the world.  It’s a very sophisticated brand and it was great to work with them.

Amazonia Font | Ecommerce Website

Amazonia fonts is a website that allows its users to buy amazonian funky fonts. What makes it different form other font selling websites is its amazing design and top notch speed.

Deadstock Clothing | Ecommerce Website

Deadstock clothing is a Germany based clothing store and they approached us to get their WooCommerce store developed. It was a great experience working with this brand and we learnt a lot of things from them as well.

Dual Price Unit Plugin

Dual price unit is a great plugin that allows you to sell your product in two units kilogram and per piece, and you can set the price for both units accordingly. Now, your customers can buy a product in their desired unit, which refines their online shopping experience.

AR | View Balls In Real World

View Balls in the real world is an AR plugin that allows a user to place the ball in a real environment. User can take a picture of where he wants to place the ball in order to check whether the ball goes with the ambience or not, and then he can purchase it afterwards.

Max Ergonomic Calculator

Max ergonomic calculator is a calculator that tells you how to sit properly in order to avoid backpain and posture issues.It also considers the fact that some women like to wear heals and it also affects your posture. If you check the box which asks you either you wear heals or not, it will change the measurements accordingly.

Find Fun Mobile App

This is a social application. Anyone can create an event or group and add people. Other users of the applications can join the event or group and start chat or share stories like Instagram or WhatsApp story feature.

web fully vpn

Webfully vpn is a virtual private network purchasing website where a user can purchase subscription of of VPN.Our main task was to attack the vpnresller subscription system with the webfully VPN website.


Inteero is a german interior decoration brand that approached us to get their website developed and to add some custom functionality to it.