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Policies and Agreement

Our Company has its policies and guidelines that every employee has committed to them.

Working Hours Policy

Company opening hours are from 10:00 to 23:00 on working days. Moreover, official hours are from 11:00 am to 17:00. You may Come during [17:00 to 23:00] for extra credit hours or to complete any project.


Our Company offers all National Holidays, Sundays and three official leaves in the case of emergency. Employees have to submit Leave Application Form for any holiday two days prior, Except for emergency Cases. Without Informing Holidays, will deduct 2.5% from their Monthly Salaries.

Off Hour Work

Our Company appreciated the enthusiastic and hardworking employees and always looking forward to them. If an employee is interested in working in off-hours or on Holidays, Company will offer them extra benefits based on per hour.

Data Sensitivity, Privacy, and Security

Our Company always ensures to our clients for their Data Privacy and Security, And Company never wants to open up unpublished data externally related to employees, clients, and business partners. Data could be:

  • Employees personal Information
  • Contracts with Employees
  • Business Partners Statistics
  • Contracts with Other Companies
  • Client Record
  • Clients Protected Data and work, we are offering to them

Before Joining Our Company can demand to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

You are not allowed

  • To use our employees, clients, and vendors’ private information for the sake of your personal benefits.
  • Leak company’s confidential Data to outside
  • To Duplicate Company’s sensitive files, codes, and Information.
  • Data Privacy is our principal responsibility, and it is prime for the Company’s standing and legality. An employee who violates these confidential policies and necessary regulations, we will take obligatory actions against him according to the sensitivity of the incident. The employee can be terminated for repeatedly breaking the rules. We will take legal steps against that employee In case of violation of clients’ confidential work privacy for personal profit.

Workplace Harassment

It is necessary to practice the Anti-Harassment policy in our Company to create a productive and healthy environment. It is essential to make everybody in this place enterprise feel safe so that every employee concentrates on his/her work creatively. Nobody is allowed to talk about anyone's intimate life and outspread rumors. Religious Discussions and Political Preferences are not allowed to discuss

Workplace Violence

It is your responsibility to maintain the Company's decorum. Employees are not permitted to threaten their colleagues and staff; and Wrecking the Company's delicate properties. Who does not obey these policies has to face the necessary consequences.

Policy Must be signed by the Employee, and the Employer and submit to the HR office. This Policy will be take into account from the July 2020.

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