Refine Pharmaceutical is one of the industry’s prominent names.
Project Details
Refine Pharmaceutical is one of the industry’s prominent names. They put their trust in Maxenius Solutions to set up & handle their online sales website. Refinepharma is an online product based on ecommerce functionality, built on woocommerce for enhanced functionality. Our dedicated team worked day and night to launch this ecommerce based online pharmacy.
Design Phase
The design phase for this website was not quite complex since we were told to keep it simple and user friendly. It didn’t take us long to come up with a couple of amazing prototypes which we got approved from our client. The current design that you see is the design that was approved by our client.
Development Phase:
After completion of design, team Maxenius focused on providing the functionality required by our prestigious client. Our main focus was to develop only prescription based pharma website with user authentication and also maintaining the complete record of the disease history. Our experienced developers overcame this hurdle and made the client’s requirements fulfilled in the given time-frame making it a win-win situation for both. The next hurdle was division in between medical and non-medical users. While the management of medical users was also a complex development, because it was created with some more privileges.
Challenges In Development
  • Providing the UI with a contrast of bold banners with nice light colors.
  • Providing the simple UX while dealing with the multiple products.
  • Providing the prescription based portal for each visitor.
  • Separating the medical and non-medical users.
  • Creation of prescriptions for users with no prescription while keeping the process healthy and safe
  • Online Prescription creation for pharmacy.
  • Manage users as Medical and Non-Medical.
  • Medical Users can manage a list of patients and their partners.
  • Create Prescriptions for their patients.
  • Non-Prescribers can create prescriptions and get authorization from prescribers.
  • Prescription will be auto emailed to Pharmacy