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Looking for a WordPress Development Company that has an excellent track record in handling complex projects? No need to look anymore because Maxenius solutions is right here! With seasoned experts of WordPress on our side, we’re the perfect WordPress development agency operating in 7 countries of the world and has worked with more than 500 clients to turn ideas into reality.

We specialize in creating beautiful, fast and hands down the most amazing WordPress websites. Not only that we’re the best WordPress development agency but also one of the most affordable and most reliable WordPress development company as well.

Over the past few years we have provided compelling wordpress solutions to the enterprises as well as individual bloggers who owns the websites of the medium level.

If you’ve got a website that needs some expert level touch, just come to us now and we’ll revamp it into a jaw dropping website in no time.

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Maxenius is the Number 1 WordPress Development Company for the dedicated WordPress Developers. Since 2014, we have helped tons of businesses related to E-Commerce, Tourism, Medicine, Beauty, Blogging, and Fashion to have their platforms on WordPress and to make some apart using WordPress.

Since 2014, PHP and WordPress are the core of Maxenius. Although, there are hundreds of Software Departments that are working under Maxenius. But the top-notch administration of the company has their main focus on the WordPress Development and 90% of our clients recommends Maxenius after adopting and experiencing it.

Maxenius is known worldwide for developing the customized WordPress Solutions. Our WordPress Developers 24/7 in a week are working day and night to meet the requirements of clients in providing the customized solutions and is making the businesses of the 21st century to stand in the online world. 

Why WordPress is best?

WordPress is the Number 1 CMS of the world, hosting the small websites as well as the websites of complex level such as Sony, New York Post, NBC, and Time INC. WordPress is easy in the respect that even a non-technical personnel can handle it quite easily. Besides, it features makes it the Number 1 CMS of the world. WordPress is flexible and adaptable and offers the hundreds of ways of website customization.

WordPress was initially build for the blogging purposes but now it is powering the top-business websites of the world. Using WordPress you can launch any of the website such as E-Commerce Store or micro niche blogging sites. The Open Source of the website is making the lives easier than you may think. The power of WordPress is that anyone can launch it on any hosting of the world or third party hosting. WordPress automatically configures itself with the relevant hosting and will allow you to make your business. 

WordPress is so simple and easy to use that even a non-technical person can handle it quite easily. The plugins of the WordPress allows you to make changes in your theme at a broader level and are just one click way from your approach. Besides WordPress also provides the flexibility of Customization, Backup, Third Party Ads, Tracking, E-Commerce Store Management, CRM Management, as well as the payment integration options. Such features of the WordPress has provided it an edge over other CMS Platforms of the WordPress. 

User-Friendly CMS

The user-friendly CMS of the WordPress makes it easy for everyone to use. The customization also make a lot in making the WordPress simpler and easier to use while Maxenius covers complete Theme Customization as well as Plugin Customization. Besides, we have also provided the dashboard to our users that results in the easy management of the WordPress Site.

Responsive Themes

Speed and Responsiveness are the two major factors whom majority of the websites on WWW are affected. WordPress as compared to other platforms provide flexible solutions to the Websites. It is better both in terms of Speed as well as Responsiveness and also provides interactive features to the users, thus making their stay long on the website. 

Choice of major brands

No doubt that WordPress is the Number CMS of the world and is a choice of the Multinational Brands of the world such as Sony Music, BBC America, 10Web, NewYork Times, and others. Besides, it is also the Number 1 Choice of Bloggers in terms of Niche Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, as well as E-Commerce Store Management.

WordPress Services we provide

If you’re wondering what services the best Dedicated WordPress development agency provides, then here’s a detailed list of the WordPress services we provide to our clients.

1: WordPress Plugin development

WordPress Plugin Development is the core of Maxenius. WordPress Plugin makes the management of the website easy besides it is also better in the terms that without going to the coding side you can let the things happen with the help of WordPress Plugins. Developing WordPress Plugins, as well as customizing existing WordPress plugins, and enhancing its functionality without affecting the performance of the site are the Maxenius’s responsibilities. 

2:WordPress Theme development

WordPress Theme adds a lot to the website. Developing the optimized and customized theme for WordPress is in huge demand these days, and Maxenius is filling the gap by providing the businesses as well as clients with the customized WordPress theme with the interactive features added as well as optimized and customized from all the perspectives. 

3: Custom WordPress Development & Optimization

WordPress Plugin and WordPress Theme Development are on the other hand but the customized solution is the first requirement of customers while most of the software development companies lacks this service. However, using Maxenius you can demand free quotation and can avail the service of customized WordPress Development in accordance with your business needs. 

Why Maxenius ?

You might ask, out of all the agencies providing dedicated WordPress website development service, why should I ask Maxenius? Now, we can give you a plethora of reasons why we should be the first you should make but instead we’ll just say one thing that for us, your project isn’t just a project, it’s a dream that we work hard to turn into reality!

Experienced WordPress Development Team

With years of WordPress website development company with experience under their belt, all of our developers are always ready to handle all sorts of complexities which come in a project. All of our teams are highly experienced and energetic, always ready to build the next great generation WordPress website for our clients.

Project testing from start to finished

Unlike other WordPress website development  agencies, we don’t break ties with our clients after handing over the project to them. We keep testing the project modules during development phases and don’t forget testing even after delivering and deploying the project at client servers. That is because we understand that a single error can halt your whole operation, that’s why we always remain through with our testing procedures so that your work remains undisturbed.






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