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We provide Custom WordPress development Services

Utilizing our years of experience in creating spectacular WordPress solutions, we ensure that you get top notch services, swiftly and efficiently.

WordPress Development Services in USA

Looking for expert wordpress development services in USA? No need to look around anymore because Maxenius solutions is here to help you out. With seasoned experts of wordpress on our side, we’re the perfect wordpress development company to turn your idea into reality. We specialize in creating beautiful, fast and hands down the most amazing wordpress websites. If you want to get a new website or have one that needs some expert level touch, just come to us now and our experts will handle the rest for you.

WordPress Development

The moment we receive the final design mockups, we begin our planning for WordPress development step. Unlike other custom WordPress development service providers, we don’t blindly follow the mockups; we see if they are user friendly and once they pass UX standards, then we implement them.

We begin our work with backend development after carefully studying the user requirements, and once we build the base, we start working on frontend. We use industry standard coding patterns and front end development techniques to provide smoothest and most reliable custom WordPress development solutions.

  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Easy to Manage Backend
  • Marketing Integration

Quality Assurance

When it comes to businesses, you can’t leave anything at risk and we understand that completely. That’s the main reason for Quality assurance being one of our most focused parts of development process.

We not only do the QA testing using advanced techniques, but also allow our clients to go ahead and test the site they paid for. You can give us suggestions about modifying elements or point out if there’s anything missing or not functioning properly.

We take our time with this process, for we believe in the rule better late than sorry.

  • Browser Testing
  • Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Testing
  • Page Speed Testing

Site Launch

Once the site passes QA testing and all the stakeholders approve that there’s nothing wrong with the site, we move to the launching phase. It starts with giving your team a proper training so that they feel at home with the new layout, and once we’re done with that we use advanced dev ops techniques to deploy your site to the live servers, for it to mesmerize your audience.

  • Deployment
  • Training & Support
  • Maintenance



Our journey doesn’t end with delivering the website. Once the site is live, we start focusing on many important battlefronts like web security and ensuring site speed. Keeping the WordPress version and all the plugins updated is our main goal, because it makes sure that site stays responsive on all devices and doesn’t slow down over time.

  • Website security
  • Software updates & testing by our development team in staging
  • Insurance policy restoring your site for any reason

The Best WordPress Designers & Developers in USA

With WordPress taking over the development market like a storm, most people are now shifting their website on WordPress. And when it comes to WordPress, we take pride in providing the most superior quality services. Over the past few years we’ve worked with a lot of clients and have perfected the art of creating mesmerizing and fast WordPress websites. From E-commerce stores to Blogs, Industrial to Entertainment agency websites, we’ve worked with clients from all niches.  Our expert and highly creative designers are really good at determining what kind of vibe the design is giving and plan the design for a website accordingly.  We understand that a good design highly effects a visitor’s decision to make a purchase or to stay longer on your blog. That’s why our designers always work hard to come up with designs that touch the soul and make you feel awesome. We’ve proven through our designs that a design can take an e-commerce store from zero to top in no time.

Expert WordPress Development

Maxenius Solutions is a WordPress exclusive agency. Our team is comprised of developers who all have 10+ years of development experience, and have worked on 400+WordPress projects. We’ve refined the process of WordPress development down to a science. As a client this means your website will be built in a timely, efficient, and highly collaborative manner.

Custom WordPress themes from Maxenius Design offer significant advantages. Using your personalized marketing strategy as the foundation, we build your website theme from the ground up.

Perfect Custom WordPress Development Company

The golden rule that we follow “Think, Develop and Implement” is what makes us unique and by following it we ensure that we always deliver the best quality work. Our expert and highly professional developers spend days in brain storming sessions and meetings with the clients to clearly understand the vision of client and then coming up with the best approach to complete that vision. Then comes the development phase where our experts code efficiently to bring your dream website to reality. After the final approval from client we implement the solution we made to the client servers hence completing the development process. Those days are gone when you had to stick to an agency just because you’ve already paid them for the project and you can’t leave them in the middle of things. We allow our clients to hire us as freelancers to work on their project so that they don’t feel bounded. So, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with an agency anymore because Maxenius is here for you.

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Why Choose WordPress?

We have spent years perfecting the art of providing the best custom WordPress development services. The reason you ask? Well, for starters WordPress is the most used CRM on the internet right now and is known for its easy to use interface and affordable assets. We have shifted hundreds of our clients to WordPress to make things a lot easier for them. Unlike other platforms, it utilizes themes which you can easily purchase and modify using page builders. It’s simple enough that even people with no tech experience can easily do it. Still, if you get stuck at any step, then our experts are always there to help you out.

With its flexible open source code, WordPress is way better to use for website development than other traditional technologies. Not only that but it keeps getting updated after every couple of weeks and with every update, WordPress just keeps getting more amazing and flexible for website building. As the best WordPress development company, we always recommend our clients to use WordPress as it provides better results in less time.

What if you tell you that there is technology to build websites which is so easy that even a simple man can understand it as well! After its initial launch, WordPress has kept improving itself and has now earned the title of being the easiest to understand website development technology.Before WordPress, building websites was something that only the professionals could do and people with no link to coding had it very hard to understand what was going on with the project. But, when the WordPress came along, everything changed in the web development game! Everything that WordPress offers is simple and easy to understand. It was initially built to give small businesses a platform to begin with but later on it started to expand as a multipurpose platform and now it can easily be declared as world’s most popular website development technology.

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Many famous developers, freelance WordPress development company, and visionaries in the field of information technology have said that WordPress is the future of development. The main reason behind this statement is because WordPress has liberated a common man from limitations. It has given them a chance to make their own website, to make what they want to make and to turn their design into a website. It has broken the fear of coding among people and has given the message that you can build a website too.

WordPress offers a super easy and simple Content Management system which literally anybody can use. We at Maxenius solutions always make sure to help our clients to learn some basics of WordPress CMS so that they can generate their reports, add new products to their inventory and can manage their orders as well.

All the themes used in WordPress website building are fully responsive and optimized for all sorts of devices. You don’t have to worry about the look of your website on different screens when you’re using WordPress. Just pick a theme that you like, set the color schemes, throw in some widgets you like and you’re good to go!

Choice of major brands

Many major brands in the world of web development choose WordPress as their first priority for web development. Web development giants like Qubit labs, BrownOwlCreative and Maxenius solutions etc. always recommend the use of WordPress for development of websites of all niches. And when so many experts recommend, it’s better to listen!

Services we provide

Here at Maxenius solutions we handle all sorts of tasks related to WordPress. Whether it’s deploying a theme or setting up a whole website from scratch, our experts are always here to help you out.

WordPress Plugin Development

Need of a custom plugin? We’re the guys you call. With years of experience in custom WordPress plugin development, we’ve mastered the art of meeting the needs with custom made plugins. No matter if it’s

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Custom development and optimization

Custom development is just our thing! We’re famous for our expertise in custom WordPress development. No matter if it’s a website that needs to be built from scratch or needs some fixing, we’re the right choice for

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Why choose us?

You might ask, out of all the agencies providing WordPress development company in USA, why should I pick Maxenius? Now, we can give you a plethora of reasons why we should be the first you should make but instead we’ll just say one thing that for us, your project isn’t just a project, it’s a dream that we work hard to turn into reality!

Experienced Development Team

With years of WordPress development company experience under their belt, all of our developers are always ready to handle all sorts of complexities which come in a project. All of our teams are highly experienced and energetic, always ready to build the next great WordPress website for our clients.

Project testing from start to finished

Unlike other WordPress website development London agencies, we don’t break ties with our clients after handing over the project to them. We keep testing the project modules during development phases and don’t forget testing even after delivering and deploying the project at client servers. That is because we understand that a single error can halt your whole operation, that’s why we always remain through with our testing procedures so that your work remains undisturbed.