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It is the online digital platform where you can grow and sell your business ideas, business techniques and much more. You can introduce your startup ideas through the creative thoughts, which fascinate the clients. SEO is basically a platform where you can write, create search engines for specific blog or for specific business page. The more your knowledge post authentic, useful and creative, the more traffic you get. For instance if you are going to sell a box of mangoes and you just post this picture on website then without any context no one can reach, but if you create a website where you can use SEO tools for selling your product and then you get bunch of peoples. We can say that SEO gives name, identity to your websites or blog.


SEO can make your website first selling content and social stimulation of website. Link with other websites or search engines increase sales.  In SEO you can use keywords to target your website so that customers easily get their items, ideas from it. The optimization mean gives identity, structure to your website- It rams your website or blog.

Stages of SEO:

we can describe SEO in three stages:


Technically SEO gives body to your website. You think an idea about food blog or business. SEO will sign up website or blog on Google and gives structure to it. Use SSL certificate for setting the domains. Creative and colorful things always attract the peoples mind and they always go for it. Always make your search website mobile-friendly.


Setting the map of your blog, you use headings for highlighting your actual content. ON-Page SEO is the centerpiece.The people find easily and search your website. It improves the veracity of your website or blog. Make your website, simple and authentic so it enhances your sales. Keep in mind a good content always runs your blog or website. ON-PAGE SEO we use keywords for the convenience.

Followings steps are required for this process:


It acts as a bridge between different websites. With using bank-links it give refers to your website.

Why Is It Important?

You are going to start an online food business and you want more visitors come to your website, the more you getclients and enhance your growth, so search engine optimization plays a vital role in this regard.


SEO is the best part for your website/blog/business growth. Good content is directly proportion to the SEO.SEO is a part of any digital marketing strategy. It is never ending process. You must pay good attention at building quality and relevant links through which you can get a good number of web traffic. And in line with SEO, you need to set up a up-to-date social media platform.

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