As we know, shopware is an E-commerce platform in which we use PHP language because PHP based E-commerce solution features community version that is open-source and fee based version. We have been working on E-commerce for more than 10 years and introduced our Shopware service in 2012 which gave us a great feedback. Our service includes integrated SEO competence and out of the box marketing features.

Shopware is the most reliable and trustworthy platform in E-commerce, there is no chance of error and any mistake in Shopeware, our team is working and available on it 24/7 for any update or custom demand. Shopware is the perfect fit for your business model. This decision requires a detailed look at your business goals and finds a solution according to your requirements.

Business Startup On Shopware

Nowadays, E commerce is not just about selling stuff online, It is something like providing the best shopping experience on the digital devices in this modern Era. Offer the best user experience to your customers with our robust E-Commerce Services.

Boosting sales is exactly the aim of ecommerce web design services offered by ScienceSoft. A digital experience that we build

Features of Our CMS

  • CRM
  • Email Marketing
  • Kitting
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Data Security
  • Promotion Management
  • Template
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi-Store management
  • SEO Management

Product Streams

Product information that is detailed and consistent will increase the trust of customer and the worth of product. Your product is easy to find. The product details in Shopware are very clear so you can add your product and create variants along with their different prices and images. You can use data attributes to boost up your product depending on set criteria. You can use rule-based merchandising to promote or boost p you product above those of other products in market which have high margin, this strategy mostly used by large online stores.

Customer Streams

Customer streams are more likely to establish criteria. This can include gender or amount to allow for automation. You can set up a customer stream filter for customers below 25 years who have made a purchase using a mobile or from any other device. Any new users who meet this requirement will be added automatically to your customer stream so you can send them any newsletter, promotion that fits this target audience. This can save the time and remove the chance of any mistake. Every person who fits on you target audience will receive every update from you. This will increase your target audience and traffic on your website.

Shopping Streams

Our CMS is user friendly and allow the user to generate flexible content pages. It uses the drag and drop function for products, blog posts, video guides, banners and any custom service. This storytelling feature helps brands to encourage their products and engage the new and existing customers. Our CMS has all blogging features such as user management, digital publishing, media management and easy and suitable theme designing service.

SEO Optimization

Our CMS has automatic SEO configuration that helps to reach the high Google ranking. It also offers powerful features for sales promotion which includes Affiliate Programs, Loyalty Programs, Storytelling, Integration and Support.

B2B Correspondence

As mapping B2B is very complex and difficult that needs high degree of customization and integration of business process, so we come up with Shopware B2B suite which allows you to extend standard functionality.

Some more services you can expect from us are:

  • Customer budget management
  • Private shopping
  • Ability to set up different themes at the customer level
  • Ability to set up individual stores
  • Quotation

We support you after the services and maintain you site on regular basis, If any client want custom services then we will manage it an give our best services which increase you traffic.

Shopware Editions

Shopware has different editions for different levels of business; it never deals all the business and requirements in one cup. We will help to choose which edition is best for you and make it suitable for your business with custom services, maintenance and support.

Community Edition

This edition is best for entry level storeowners who start their online business on my small scale. Beginners also use this version because it uses open source version to involve the community in development process. Product streams, Customer streams, Support and Plugin development all are free in community version.

Professional Edition

This is for those who need all inclusive manufacturer support system; this can be used by mostly food chains and medical interlinked chains. This edition includes manufacturer support, product streams, customer streams, warranty, Shopping World presets, Shopware ERP, digital publishing and storytelling feature. This is a little bit costly but very reliable and long lasting.

Professional Plus Edition

This edition is useful for those who want to generate new possibilities and explore their business more and more. This edition offers your business new premium plugin that develop your business and generate more new possibilities. This edition include manufacturer support, customer streams, product streams, Shopping World presets, warranty, plugin extensions, all premium plugins, digital publishing, and the storytelling feature. There is a not a big difference in cost but for expanding your business this is the best option.

Enterprise Edition

This edition offers all the stops for a successful online business and makes your business influent. Its scalable features include 24/7 customer support, B2B Suite, individual care, developer support, marketplace, client management, exclusive access to the Enterprise portal, dealer integration and all the features mentioned in the Professional Plus package, this is the custom service edition with including all the features.

Shopware Theme Development

We are giving services on theme development, we can generate theme for your business which is not only catches the eye but also contain rich aesthetic material that make your website beautiful and attract the audience. Our experienced team use latest technology and follow the market trends. We will maintain your site after delivery because our main aim is to satisfy our client so if there is any need to update on your site, our team is here to serve you. We will make long term business relationships, So, Now , What are you waiting for, let’s start a conversation.

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