As we know, WordPress is very common these days but a few know how to use it properly and take advantages of it. So, here we are to give all the custom developments and services for Local and Multinational organizations. We have a great experience of more than a decade in custom development.We are well equipped and offer all

the custom developments that can be done on WP.A few of them are:

  1. Content Management System (CMS).
  2. Elementary Designs
  3. Plugins Development
  4. E-Commerce Plugins

Content Management System (CMS)

We are offering CMS which allows the user to create and manage digital content of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Web Content Management (WCM). In addition, we also allow our CMS for Local Retail Stores which is the additional service of our organization. Our CMS functionally organize to manage (articles, blogs, posts, documents) by using central database. Our CMS is user friendly and the user will modify database information, template files and designs without any hurdle. We make our CMS so easy for our client that the user edit the required field without understanding the whole database structure and information. It will save the user time and arduousness. The main component of our CMS is Content Management Application (CMA), which is used on front end that allows the user to add, modify, edit, and remove the content from website without any invention of webmaster. We have a great experience in CMS and got a good feedback from our clients.

Features of Our CMS

  • Easy Administration
  • Powerful Publishing Tools
  • Built-In SEO friendly
  • Social Media Integration
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Multiple Platform Capabilities
  • Simple Workflow and Publishing Controls
  • Security

E-Commerce Plugin Development

API relates to handling data from a third party platform, different APIs can be displayed in varying ways and using the API to receive or send data or working with the data on your website as third partry from another platform. With WordPress API Integration, it is possible to manage and use data on other APIs with ease, but only if it is planned and executed correctly and this is what we are offering. With API integration, a client can save time and work. In API integration, we are offering

SMS Gateway

In all these services, API integration is used. In SMS Gateway, a person place an order in your site, the WP plugin pick the client information and send the information to SMS sender and an auto-generated SMS will sent to the buyer. In this same way Payment Gateway works.

Shipping COD

In Shipping COD, API Integration is also used. The send just write the address and information, the system automatically send a receiving message to sender and then assign the parcel to required branch. This can save a lot of work and time, system automatically assign the area just by putting the information in it.

Payment Gateway

It’s a third-party tool that evaluates and processes payments from your customers. So, rather than set up a basic contact form that requires customers to fill in their information to place an order—which you would then need to manually process on your end—the payment gateway handles it on your behalf.

POS Integration

WooCommerce POS is a simple interface for taking orders at the Point of Sale using your WooCommerce store. WooCommerce POS provides an alternative to Vend or Shopify POS – no need to sync inventory and no monthly subscription fees. “WooCommerce POS” is open source software.

Elementary Designing

We use PHP language in WP for our custom services. In WordPress, we also give service of Theme Development and Content Creation. These two services are very essential for every website and business so we focus on it and give a great services and functionalities of these two. We want to grow the business of our client and give him a great boost. As we know, visual appearance matters a lot for any product marketing we will to satisfy our client as much as we can.

Theme Development services

Here at MAXENIUS, every aspect of our website must be unique and different, yet match certain expectations of your product niche, this is why we are offering CUSTOM THEME DEVELOPMENT If you want to boost up your product in market then, why are you waiting for? We are here to give our services. We have been giving services of custom theme development for more than 10 a decade. As visual impression is always the first impression, we design our themes in such an aesthetic way to attract the audience as well as to beautify the website, product, logo or whatever a customer demands. In fact, our professional, cutting edge, award winning designers team are one of the best in the field and will stand behind every design they offer and they are responsible for everything in their design.

Features of our Services

  • Our expert developers have an eye for your branding needs and requirements and they can easily match them with custom WordPress theme according to market trend.
  • We are offering the most reliable, secure, and appealing WordPress development in your area at economical cost.
  • Each of our staff members will treat your website as if it was their own, and they will keep checking on it if there is any problem.
  • Our team will intimate you if there is any need to change or upgrade the theme.

After Service Support

  • We are available 24/7 to address questions and take care of all your needs and to sort out your problems.
  • You will never need to call another company for any problem related to our theme or any other because we will always be there to maintain and customize your site and will let you know about the market trend.
  • If you need custom services, we offer packages in many other areas of custom web development and designs.

Content Creation Services

Content creation is the process of identifying a new topic and deciding in which form you want to write it, selecting the keywords and then precede it. This is not as simple as it looks like; our team is always searching the market trends and tries to make the content SEO friendly. We get ideas from our searching places, from our clients, from stakeholders of our company and from anywhere we can. We generate Ideas for content creation through,

  • Keyword Research
  • Solicit Customer Feedback
  • Put Ourselves in customer’s shoes
  • Investigate what’s our competition

We guide our client which type of content is best for the topic either visual content is suitable, infogrpahic or plaintext. These all are responsibilities of our team. We are using best tools for content creation and our content is as important as soul in human body. It’ll not only cover the space but also beautify and attract the audience towards you. Our content creation team has decades of compounded experience in identifying and working for E-Commerce and tech-enabled consumer businesses. We are giving custom services and are committed to personalized service tailored to each one of our clients –whether you’re a billion-dollar startup or an emerging brand– we will help you to reach the elite of market.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

As we know, Plugin Development provides tools for editing, debugging, modifying, update sites and RCP products. Here we are offering Custom Plugin development. In this we design any type of plugin for the client just by following few steps;
  • Gather information and requirements of plugin from client. We will work on and tell you the estimated time.
  • After the time estimation, we need approval from our client for that. . In our successful years of more than 10 years we never face any type of time delay, our best try is to complete the project before time but if there’s any problem occur then we’ll intimate our client.
  • Then we’ll calculate its budget and try to make the budget as low as possible. We can’t compromise in quality because our main aim to satisfy our client and give them as good service as possible.
  • We’ll give regular updates and touch our clients on daily basis to intimate our clients regarding their project. Our team give our clients update through different software’s (Trello,Jira, etc)
  • After completion, we debug the site and check if there is any problem or not, by passing it through a complete process. After our complete satisfaction we handover it to our client and take regular updates about our project from our client and if there’s any problem occur after sometime then you’ve no need to go for another  company we’re here to fix it out.

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