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"Clients of Maxenius ensure their commitment towards American Management, benefitting from a bespoke outsourcing model without a sacrifice which improves client-developer relation and uphold company standards".
- "Max" Usama Muhammad

In Pakistan, there is a deficit of organizations that technology people can work at where they can simultaneously be celebrated both for their talents and for speaking their mind. Maxenius was founded with those goals at its core. Maxenius gives the most talented technology professionals of Pakistan a place to work where results for clients dictate their compensation, politics and bureaucracy do not interfere with their personal or professional growth, employees are encouraged to share what they feel, what they think, and open dialogue with management including the CEO is routine.


When employees are paid based on measurable economic value that they bring to our customers, instead of the relatively low market rates employees in Pakistan typically earn working for outsourcing companies that are foreign owned and operated, they stick around longer and continue to provide excellent service to our customers without downtime typical for new employees going through retraining. When a company chooses to work with Maxenius they can depend on our process driven approach to crafting great software while also knowing they are making a positive difference in the lives and communities of those building their technology solutions. 


While many Pakistani companies have fostered an iniquitous environment and are not able to build successful products Maxenius is different. We know that the people working day and night to build and maintain our customers products deserve to be treated very well. 

When companies investigate the possibility of outsourcing critical technology needs they often struggle against the realities of working with people who do not understand their culture, work in their timezone, and who may face barriers to delivering on schedule. We offer a bespoke approach to hybrid outsource that maximizes the value of your capital. Instead of relying solely on outsourced resources our management team partially resides in the USA. This allows every project entrusted to Maxenius to receive oversight from American professionals who speak the language, understand the culture, and have decades of combined experience delivering projects on time and on budget.  

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“A Qr Code-Based Payment App With 1M+ Downloads”

With a revamped coding structure & seamless UI/UX experience, BharatPe is popular among retailers & merchants & has raised 100 M funds so far.

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When “Max” started Maxenius it was imperative for the business to grow by marketing our services over the Internet. This led our team to become absolute experts in online marketing. While our core business has always been software development, this focus hasn’t prevented us from helping clients scale up their marketing efforts when it aligns with us and our clients. While we don’t actively pursue marketing for customers who do not build their technology with Maxenius it is something we can couple with our services if of interest to your organization. 

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We are fortunate enough to have been hired by over 2,000 customers in our 5+ years in business. This is a small sample of our client list:




Usama has performed an excellent Jo, went beyond and above my expectations, despite being on a very tight budget. He was very professional, responsive, helpful, and trustworthy though the project was time consuming as well as little bit complicated beyond what was expected. I will definitely be using in the future and will recommend for complex projects. 

Fiverr Reviews

Web Fully


It is always a fun to work with Usama. I have gathered and collected a plenty of experience in working with the CEO of Maxenius, Usama. Currently as his per excellent performance, looking forward to work on more projects with him. I strongly recommend him and wish his success at every path of life. 



Usama was the 4th develop in a row, who started working on our relatively complex project. Unlike the other 3 developers who abandoned the project, Usama make the project to the end and make my live easier. Highly Recommended 

Lane M. Campbell

Bedrock Impact Group & Maxenius Advisor

I was so impressed by "Max" Usama and his team that I brought him more than 100 times the business than we initially signed up for and joined to help him grow as an Advisor to his company. 

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Great work as usual. Always deliver the quality and excellent of work as planned and decided. It is a great pleasure to work with Usama. I have used him plenty of times before, and each time he proves effective. 

Rafi Busidan


Great Work, Accurate, Fast and Timely Delivery. Maxenius is an excellent company to work with. I assigned them the task of customized plugin development and they performs the task by 100% within the said time and budget. I stongly recommend Maxenius.

Fiverr Reviews



I get everything as agreed and even more good quality with excellent communication. These guys are pro. The CEO of Maxenius, Usama is the best web developer i have ever encountered. Very friendly and understanding. It was never possible to get completed however, Maxenius successfully did.  



Usama and his team is very resourceful and has the ability to solve the complicated of the problems in the tough of the times. He accurately diagnose the problem and give the clear-cut timeline and solve the problem within, i am impressed. 



Highly Satisfied Work. The task was very complex and complicated and Maxenius performs their best and solve the task within the decided time and budget. I wish their success in future.